Let’s just be happy! You CAN be a full time blogger AND have a great love life!

Everyone has the right to live a happy, healthy life

Unfortunately, personal happiness and well-being seem to be out of reach for so many people. Stresses at work, in life or with interpersonal relationships can all take a toll on one’s mental and physical health.

With that said, sexual health is one of the hottest and most debated topics these days. TV talk shows, internet websites and radio pundits all have something to say about what constitutes a happy and fulfilling sex life. Whether a person is straight, homosexual or bisexual, a healthy sex life (or lack of) has a direct relationship on their overall mental and physical well-being.

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For many couples, sex is an integral part of the relationship

With divorce rates exceeding 50%, a healthy sex life is often the tie that binds. Couples with a healthy connection communicate better and stay married longer. These are the folks that can weather the storms of life and remain partners and lovers for all their days.

But, let’s face it, after many months and years together, things can get boring in the bedroom. It’s all too common for couples to lose that “fire” that they experienced when they first met. The fireworks that once made them googly-eyed for each other sometimes fizzle out.  In a nutshell, it’s all too easy for couples to slide into complacency and get lazy with their relationships.

The good news is, for the couples that communicate well, these issues can be quickly identified and fixed. To spice things up, a loving couple may choose different times and places for their sexy time. They may mix it up by adding slippery oils and lubrications to their bedroom time. Sometimes foods like whipped cream and strawberries can really heat things up.  Other couples may choose to integrate toys, like a prostate massager,  into foreplay and intercourse.

Sex toys can spice things up in the bedroom

Toys for women are abundant both online and at brick and mortar stores. Women can freely discuss their favorite vibrator amongst their friends or co-workers.  However, for guys, it’s a different story. Men using sex toys is a taboo subject for many folks. It’s not as socially acceptable as it is for women. Also, many men are uncomfortable or really squeamish about using these devices. Their reasons are many: peer-pressure, social mores and misconceptions are all concerns.

Thankfully, we’re in the 21st century now. There is a small, but growing market for sex toys for men. A device that comes up frequently in conversation is the prostate massager. These devices are perfectly acceptable for men of all sexual orientations. They’re designed specifically for his pleasure, because they’re anatomically correct for the shape of his body. Lots of guys don’t even know where to start when considering a top rated prostate massager for bedroom play. They may not realize that these toys can be used solo OR with a willing partner.

There are TONS of different devices available online. It’s always advisable to buy a device from a reputable company. They’ll be more expensive. But, like most other things in life, you get exactly what you pay for. Thankfully, there are guides that can help you choose a top notch prostate massager. It’s as easy as going to your favorite search engine, and searching for terms like “best prostate massager”, or “best prostate toy.” There will be lots of reviews and testimonials about lots of devices, making it much easier to make a purchasing decision.

Go ahead, guys, and give it a try.  You might be amazed at what you discover!

How to write a love poem to your spouse or significant other

Mark Twain - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Twain#mediaviewer/File:Mark_Twain,_Brady-Handy_photo_portrait,_Feb_7,_1871,_cropped.jpg

Mark Twain: courtesy of Wikipedia

 “All of us contain Music & Truth, but most of us can’t get it out.”

Mark Twain

There are times when a Hallmark card doesn’t feel like enough

On anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or any occasion where we want to show your significant other that you truly value them, a poem that you’ve written yourself speaks volumes. Too often, we’re worried that we can’t write anything good enough to really show our love. Too often we’re worried about writing something great—all we should be concerned about, though, is writing something true. All the poem needs to do, is show how we feel. If it does that honestly and unabashedly, it is a good poem.

The act of writing goes a long way

A poem takes time and effort—it requires us to open up and become vulnerable—to share what is really going on in our heads and hearts. All of that will be appreciated by your loved one. Your poem is a little piece of yourself that you can give to your partner.

There are many ways to find inspiration for a love poem

Start by thinking about your partner. Her laugh, her voice; the color of her eyes. What are the qualities you think of first, if someone asks you why you love her? Make a list. Every word on that list could turn into the inspiration for a poem. What little things does she do or say that no one else notices, but you cherish every time, like the little action or word is a precious gift?

Next, think about how your partner makes you feel. What do you feel when you glance over at him, and noticed he’s been quietly staring at your profile? How do you feel the very first time you think about him in the day? When you say “I love you,” what do you truly mean? Can you unpack those words into something more, express the depth of feeling behind the phrase? There’s a whole poem waiting to be written, there.

There are all sorts of elaborate poetic forms and meters and rhyme-schemes. But you don’t need to concern yourself with any of that, if you don’t really want to. Your poem doesn’t need to conform to any structure. It doesn’t even need to rhyme. Writing good rhyming poetry is difficult—if you’re just starting out, it might be helpful to write your first poems without rhymes. After you’ve got the poem finished—after you’ve honestly said everything you want to say, you can go back and think about rewriting to include rhymes, if you decide the poem needs them. But at first, don’t let the extra concern of making all the lines rhyme properly get in the way of expressing exactly what you want to say.

The only thing a poem needs to do, is honestly share what you feel

If it does that, it is a great poem. Your loved one will value it because it’s something you made just for them—you put a lot of thought and hard work into it, for no other reason than to tell them you love them. That is a profound thing. Don’t let any doubts about how good of a writer you are get in the way of sharing your poem with the person you love—you never know how much they’ll cherish the gift until you have the courage to give it.

Balancing life and family can be tough when running a full time blog. Here’s how I do it!

Ah, the life of a techie

From childhood we knew we were different.  While other kids played with their friends building treehouses, we built wireless networks in our houses.  In college, other students spent their spare time planning for parties while we spent our spare time planning for the newest microchip upgrade.  But as an adult techie, life has thrown us a curve.  Now we have to integrate others, and even outsiders, into our world.

Being a techie in today’s world is more complex than ever

The gadgets once saved only for us are now mainstream.     For example, remember the pen that had the little digital clock?  That was a techie’s pen and everyone knew it.  Today, take the camera and the phone combination.  Thirty years ago, what a crazy thought!  A portable phone with a camera inside? Today, mainstream.  Is nothing sacred anymore?

Yes, techie in today’s world means we have to think outside the box.  We will actually have to think like a normal person, act like a normal person, and, yes, interact with normal people.  But where we have the advantage is, we have the knowledge to make their new toys do things our way.  Remember that phone they are so worried about with the camera?  Well, we have the apps.  We can design apps to make our phone control our house, control our day trading, our physical health, and when we should mate with our partner.  You can give technology to the masses, but you can’t make it work like a techie!

And it doesn’t stop there

Just as Batman had his Robin and the Skipper had his Gilligan, the techie has his blog.  It’s our faithful companion, our prized possession.  Oh sure, the content is nice.  We can blog about everything from the newest nanotechnology to the oldest satellite technology.  But deep down, we all know what we love about our blogs.  We can tweak them, make them more responsive, faster, and more streamlined.  We can change the header.  We can add sidebars.  We can add cool new sliders.  Oh yes, we love our blogs.

We love our blogs because they are there for us.  They work for us.  They can make us money.  And now, they can even become our career.  What a wonderful world we live in where our blog can become our livelihood.  We can work from home, we can work on the plane, we can work at the beach, or in front of the tv.  Our blog doesn’t care.  Our readers don’t care.  Oh, yes, we love our blogs.

Now comes the proverbial virus in the code of life

We knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.  We would eventually find a significant other.  We don’t have an app for that…yet.  How can we fit our technologically superior lifestyle with that of, well, a normal person?  Is it possible?  Is it worth it?

Of course it is.  Can you imagine spending the rest of your life without the loving touch of another human being?  Be it a spouse, a partner, or children, imagine what they bring to our lives.  But how can we co-exist and still keep our techie life?

Well, think firewall

In a family, everyone needs a boundary.  Kids often have their own room.  There is a room for meals, a room for playing and watching tv.  We all need a place in our home to claim as our own.  Can we not set aside a space for us like many families?
But perhaps instead of keeping our lifestyles separate we can use it to bring everyone together.  I’m pretty sure that most techies have a house that has a pretty high level of automation and technological wizardry.  Are we not integrating our lifestyles already?  And isn’t the point of all that technology to make our lives easier?  Think of all the people across the world that would jump at the chance to be able to work and provide for their family at their earliest convenience.

A fulltime blog affords us that opportunity.  If we have the ability to use something as simple as the common phone to make our lives more functional and more efficient, take advantage.  Take all that we have grown up with to this moment, the computers, smartphones, apps, and use them to make our lives open to what is really important.  Perhaps things such as our family, our spouse, children, our significant other, and the list can go on and on.  Whatever screen you are looking at right now, stop, and look up.  This is what’s important in your life.

Like a good code…

…that can adapt and learn from its user, our techie lifestyle can adapt to our changing and maturing interests.  Instead of keeping our lifestyle separate, perhaps we can use it to bring together all that is important to us.  If you find that code, keep it.  Store it in the cloud of your choosing.  And enjoy all that your lifestyle has to offer you.

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