When I got married, I bought a hand made wedding dress. Expensive, but worth every penny!

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When I got engaged on Christmas Eve 2011, I had a vision of a dress in mind before he even dropped to his knee. I wanted something unique, flattering, and special, of course. I knew I wouldn’t find what I was looking for on a rack at David’s Bridal. I started scouring the internet, although I knew my chances were better online, I was extremely apprehensive about buying my wedding dress online.

Buying a wedding dress without so much as seeing it in person, let alone trying it on, would be a huge risk to take. But I still wasn’t finding anything up to my standards. Finally an idea popped into my head – my best friend was married two years prior and had these wonderful bridesmaids dresses handmade from a woman on etsy.com, a craft type online marketplace. I didn’t think she made actual wedding dresses, but the bridesmaid’s dresses were so beautifully done, I thought I’d at least check her out.

To my utter surprise, I saw she did make bridal gowns…unfortunately none caught my eye. On the very last page, in the third row, second column, I saw a picture of a young woman in a dress in a small icon. I clicked on it to enlarge it and there it was – my dress. I contacted the dress maker right away to see if she would even be able to do it, she would have well over a year to complete the job.

Then came the moment of truth…the price. For a custom, handmade bridal gown, I knew we would be talking thousands. Even when I browsed on David’s Bridal, most reasonable dresses started at $1000.00. When the seamstress wrote me back explaining it would be $750.00 plus shipping, I about lost it! And yet it gets better. Her and I e-mailed back and forth and back and forth. She needed measurements, I wanted to change a few things, she needed payment, I questioned the materials used…and that’s when the bright idea hit me – if she is using strictly recycled material anyway, what if I sent her the recycled material? What if I sent her my mother’s dress along with my fiance’s mother’s dress and had her turn it into a dress for me? I dared to ask her the question.

She replied stating that she would absolutely love for me to send her the material because then she doesn’t need to worry about finding it. So I sent it out to her. Once there were no more words to be spoken, I had to wait. I was able to pick what time I wanted on her schedule, but because I tricked myself into thinking I would actually loose weight, I chose the last available time. Eventually she sent me pictures of my completed dress to see if I wanted anything changed. I did not, I fell in love with it and couldn’t wait to get it!

My fiance was with me when I got home from work to find a notice on our front door asking me to pick up a package at the post office. I brought the box home, carefully cut it open, and delicately removed the dress from the box. My fiance helped me hoist it up and over my head. It fit perfectly. The dress was tight, lace, doily material up top, and loose, miscellaneous strips of fabric filling out the skirt below. I twirled around a few times, then asked my fiance to un-zip me. That’s when I realized there wasn’t a zipper! I never thought to ask, I had just assumed there would be one.

I also noticed there was a little bit of excess room in the chest area that needed fixed. I ended up taking it to a local seamstress and paying under $10 to fix the front. Compare that to finding a dress at David’s Bridal that every other bride this season would be wearing and spending over a thousand dollars and you can’t. There is no comparing. In two weeks, I was wearing a custom bridal gown made up of my mother’s and my fiance’s mother’s wedding dresses to get married…and all for $750.

Let’s just be happy! You CAN be a full time blogger AND have a great love life!

Everyone has the right to live a happy, healthy life.  Including me!

Being happy sounds so easy, when you’re sitting on the outside looking in.  It took me way too many years to understand what true happiness means.  It took a decade or more to truly understand that, YES, I deserve to be healthy and happy too!  My happiness doesn’t depend on anyone else but ME.  It takes work, but with some practice, you can learn to love yourself the way you deserve.

Here’s my story for you…

Unfortunately, personal happiness and well-being seem to be out of reach for so many people. Stresses at work, in life or with interpersonal relationships can all take a toll on one’s mental and physical health.  This definitely applies to the stay-at-home moms (like me) trying to balance family obligations with a full time career.

With that said, sexual health is one of the hottest and most debated topics these days. TV talk shows, internet websites and radio pundits all have something to say about what constitutes a happy and fulfilling sex life. Whether a person is straight, homosexual or bisexual, a healthy sex life (or lack of) has a direct relationship on their overall mental and physical well-being.

love photo: love aw.jpg

With divorce rates exceeding 50%, a healthy sex life is often the tie that binds. Couples with a healthy connection communicate better and stay married longer. These are the folks that can weather the storms of life and remain partners and lovers for all their days.

But, let’s face it, after many months and years together, things can get boring in the bedroom. It’s all too common for couples to lose that “fire” that they experienced when they first met. The fireworks that once made them googly-eyed for each other sometimes fizzle out.  In a nutshell, it’s all too easy for couples to slide into complacency and get lazy with their relationships.

The good news is, for the couples that communicate well, these issues can be quickly identified and fixed. To spice things up, a loving couple may choose different times and places for their sexy time. They may mix it up by adding slippery oils and lubrications to their bedroom time. Sometimes foods like whipped cream and strawberries can really heat things up.  Other couples may choose to integrate sex toys such as male and female vibrators into foreplay and intercourse.

Sex toys can spice things up in the bedroom

As a techie, always connected to my electronic gadgets type of woman, I have a keen interest interest in the latest and greatest electronic devices.  Surprisingly the sex toys industry has some interesting offerings that are right up my alley!

Toys for women are abundant both online and at brick and mortar stores. Women can freely discuss their favorite vibrator amongst their friends or co-workers.  However, for guys, it’s a different story. Men using sex toys is a taboo subject for many folks. It’s not as socially acceptable as it is for women. Also, many men are uncomfortable or really squeamish about using these devices. Their reasons are many: peer-pressure, social mores and misconceptions are all concerns.

Thankfully, we’re in the 21st century now. Because of this i was recently able to convince my man to try some bedroom toys that he may like to try as well.  He was squeamish at first, but now I think I’ve created a monster!  :)


There is a small, but growing market for sex toys for men. A device that comes up frequently in conversation is the prostate massager. This is what my guy uses.  These devices are perfectly acceptable for men of all sexual orientations. They’re designed specifically for his pleasure, because they’re anatomically correct for the shape of his body. Lots of guys don’t even know where to start when considering a top rated prostate massager for bedroom play. They may not realize that these toys can be used solo OR with a willing partner. If you’d like to learn more about male prostate massage and devices, www.bestprostatemassagerguide.com is a great resource to get you started. The Aneros Vice is my man’s favorite.

Go ahead, guys n gals, and give it a try.  You might be amazed at what you discover!  Communicate and stay connected to the person you care about most!

A beautiful gift for my mom’s 50th birthday…a gemstone heart pendant. Just lovely!

Happy Birthday Mom!

The XPY Sterling Silver, Gold, and Gemstone Heart Pendant with Diamond Accent

This past July, my mother celebrated her 50th birthday. Not only was this an incredible milestone in her life, this had been a particularly difficult year for her, as my father passed away in April. I wanted to get her something special to celebrate her life, and to commemorate this very special milestone. The trouble was deciding on what to get her. I wanted to give her something extra-special, something that she could love and cherish. Finally, after much searching, I settled on this beautiful heart-shaped pendant on Amazon.
This gorgeous piece of jewelry is definitely something that my mom will cherish for years to come. The two-toned heart with sterling silver and 14k gold makes for a lovely contrast, and is extremely well made. At the center of the heart, a small diamond accent hangs above her birthstone, a deeply rich, sparkling ruby. Of course, now all of my aunts are completely jealous; I may end up having to order more pendants in their birthstones for Christmas so that they don’t feel left out!
In my case, I particularly loved the gold half-heart in this particular pendant. I felt that it could symbolize the half of my father’s heart that she will always carry with her – and my mom felt that it was a lovely reminder that though they are apart for now, my father is always with her, in that center part of her heart. He is represented by both the diamond and the gold; while she is represented by both the birthstone and the full-heart in sterling silver.

It’s versatile!

The great thing about this piece of jewelry is that it is versatile. While I chose this gift as both a birthday present and memorial, this would make an excellent mother’s necklace for a mother and child, or an anniversary present from a husband to his wife. This piece is lovely enough to wear with formal dresses, but won’t feel overstated if you choose to wear it with a more casual outfits as well.

Ordering jewelry online

When ordering jewelry online, it can be difficult to tell if a piece will be what you expect. I have to say, I was not disappointed. You really can’t beat the quality of this piece for the price. The gemstone in the center was brilliant, with the ruby having an excellent richness and shine. The size of this pendant is perfect – not too big and clunky, and not too small. It came in a very nice looking small box; all I had to do was add some attractive tissue paper to keep the necklace centered nicely.

A great gift for the woman in your life

If you’re looking for an excellent piece of jewelry to get your mother, wife, girlfriend, or any other woman in your life, I can’t recommend this piece highly enough. It can be difficult to find high-quality jewelry for a decent price when shopping online; there is no concern here. This piece is well-made, and will be something that that special person will cherish for years to come. My mother receives complements on hers whenever she wears it, and I know that everyone asks her where she got it and who gave it to her. It makes me feel proud to know that I have given her a gift that truly gives her joy and puts a smile on her face every time she sees it in the mirror or pulls it out of her jewelry box. In fact, I’ve been hinting to my husband that I wouldn’t mind receiving one of these in September when we celebrate our anniversary!

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