Prostate toys? A new, sexy direction with my guy.

Recently, my guy and I started dabbling with sex toys for him. I wanted something a little more intimate for the bedroom. Something we could BOTH use and enjoy together. I’ve always had an attachment to my personal collection of vibrators and dildos. I use them regularly and my boyfriend and I almost always integrate them into our bedroom sexy time.

I’ll admit, he was REALLY reserved about the idea of having his own “toy box.” He accepts and loves the fact that I love these toys. He was just a little squeamish about me using them on him :) Being the seductive temptress that I am, it only took a little mental mind bending to straighten him out and bring him over to the dark side!

So, I brought it up to him one day about how the idea of using toys on him really turns me on. So, I told him that he REALLY NEEDED to do some shopping online and find a toy that he’d like. I made a few nasty promises to him about things I’d do if he went ahead and bought something. With only a little bit of encouragement, he decided to give it a whirl.

A particular toy that really caught his attention is the prostate massager, specifically the Nexus Revo Stealth.  He really didn’t know much about them. Neither did I. Before he actually started shopping for toys, he did a little research.  Prostate toys really seemed to intrigue him. He’s a smart guy, so product research certainly isn’t anything new to him. He compares prices and specs on EVERYTHING before he buys. So, I was confident he would come away with something really nice and workable for both of us to use. I left him to his vices, and 3 weeks later, a package arrived on our doorstep. It was his new sex toy!  He didn’t end up purchasing the Stealth, as it was a little out of his price range.

Here it is, in all its glory, the Aneros Helix Syn!

aneros helix syn prostate toy

Aneros Helix Syn. Source: daimaoh co jp

After the first few uses, I knew this would be a toy that would stay with us for a long time! My only disappointment? It’s actually designed to be hands-free. Once it’s in, it’s actually not to be manipulated or played with. I didn’t realize this, because he NEVER told me until we used it the first time! This was unfortunate for me because I wanted him to buy a sex toy that we could both use and enjoy. Something I could tease and torture him with. I think I’ll be buying another one for him on his upcoming birthday! I’ll make sure it’s good for us both to play with. I’ll be heading back over to there to see what other ideas I can get before I pull out my credit card.

If your sex life is getting boring, or if you just need something to spice up an already exciting sex life, I HIGHLY recommend introducing toys into your bedroom sex time. It was one of the best things we ever did for our love life. I recommended to everyone.



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